Dutch Trial Register (NTR) no longer available

The Dutch Trial Register (NTR) is no longer available. The National Trial Register, in which the CCMO Register and the former NTR will be merged is not yet ready for use. For the time being investigators may use the guidelines set out below for registration.

Important update 15-05-2023: the information in this news article is outdated. Studies previously registered in NTR can be consulted and changed at onderzoekmetmensen.nl. Please refer to the news article Modification of study data in LTR possible from 15 May 2023. Information on the registration of new studies can be found at Professionals (onderzoekmetmensen.nl).

What to do with ongoing trials already registered in the NTR?

The data as registered in NTR are automatically included in the International Clinical Trial Registry Platform (ICTRP) and can be consulted on ICTRP Search Portal. Thus, the investigator still fulfils the requirement of prospective registration as required by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) for publication in scientific journals. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to adjust the data. If the data still need to be modified , the trial will have to be re-registered in another approved register, see below. A reference to the trail ID of NTR must be included. 

What to do when registering new studies?

For the registration of new studies you may choose one of the WHO-approved registries, for example ClinicalTrials.gov. The full list of approved registries can be found at Primary registries in the WHO registry network.

More information can be found at WHO recognition | About CCMO | The Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects .

CCMO will inform investigators of any changes in this situation.