The CCMO wants everyone to have access to the information on our website. However, do you come across a page that is not accessible? If so, please report this to us.

What does ‘accessible’ mean?

An accessible website is easier to use for all target groups. That is why the Dutch Tijdelijk besluit digitale toegankelijkheid overheid (Temporary decree on digital accessibility government bodies) states that government sites must meet accessibility requirements as set out in EN 301 549/WCAG 2.1 and account for them in a published accessibility declaration.

Guaranteeing accessibility

We ensure continuous improvement in accessibility through various measures within our (daily) processes:

  • Accessibility 'by design': accessibility is part of all steps in the design, construction and editorial process of our website from the start.
  • Research: independent experts regularly test (parts of) the website for accessibility, both for the functional-technical parts and the editorial aspects. Any bottlenecks found are permanently resolved.
  • Staff knowledge: our staff keep their knowledge of accessibility up to date and apply it where necessary.

Accessibility status

In 2023, the CCMO commissioned an accessibility test. Based on the report, B status was granted. You can access the full accessibility statement and report at: Accessibility statement Accessibility statement CCMO (in Dutch).

An overview of all accessibility declarations of websites under the responsibility of the CCMO can be viewed on the digital-accessible dashboard.

Report accessibility issues

Do you have any questions or comments? Or would you like to use a page that is not accessible? If so, please contact CCMO.