Modification of study data in LTR possible from 15 May 2023

From 15 May 2023, it will be possible to change data of studies previously registered in the National Trial Register (NTR). These data were transferred to the National Trial Register (LTR) at the end of 2022.

Modification form

You can modify your study data by completing the form ‘Wijziging NTR registratie’ (in Dutch). The CCMO will then process your modifications. You will receive a confirmation once this has been implemented.

Keep study details up to date!

It is important to keep your study details up to date; e.g. your contact details or the status of your study's recruitment. This is important to your co-investigators and the patient as well. Keeping these up to date can help you with successful recruitment, but also prevent a patient's disappointment if recruitment has closed when trying to enroll.  

National Trial Register

You can consult the study details incorporated in the old NTR via the LTR website. The LTR register is currently in a naming transition phase. This means that the website can be accessed at both the familiar website address and at