Scientific research of human cells in which deliberately changes are made in the genetic material or the functioning of the genetic material is specifically being influenced

Under article 1, part a of the Central Review Decree (BCB), different types of products are covered. Below you will find different categories with some examples. Unless otherwise indicated, CCMO is the designated review committee for all products listed.

Due the rapidly changing research field, it may be that a product cannot yet be clearly placed in one of the above categories. If in doubt, please contact CCMO.

Products may fall into several of the above categories due to overlap between the various categories. Most products will fall (partly) into the category of gene therapy medicinal product (GTMP). Does your product fall into more than one category, for example GMO and GTMP? If so, please tick both categories in the ABR form. Is your product not mentioned in the ABR form? Please contact CCMO.