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  1. Rates 2023: assessment of research under CTR, MDR and IVDR

    The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has set the rates for 2023 for medical ethical review in the Netherlands of research ...

    News item | 20-10-2022 | 14:44

  2. CCMO works on improved digital accessibility

    To improve digital accessibility of its website, CCMO has developed a new logo with contrasting colours.

    News item | 13-09-2022 | 12:10

  3. Template research protocol for CTR studies available on CCMO website

    As of 21 July 2022, the template research protocol for studies falling under the CTR  is available on the CCMO website.

    News item | 21-07-2022 | 10:44

  4. New Subject Information Sheet (SIS) template now available on the CCMO website

    A   new template (in Dutch) for the Subject Information Sheet (SIS) for subjects aged 16 and over (adults) is now available on ...

    News item | 15-07-2022 | 12:57

  5. Dutch Trial Register (NTR) no longer available

    The Dutch Trial Register (NTR) is no longer available. The National Trial Register, in which the CCMO Register and the former NTR ...

    News item | 24-06-2022 | 10:13

  6. MREC NedMec ready for review of research files

    As of 15 April 2022,  MREC NedMec, the result of the merger of MREC AVL and MREC Utrecht on 1 January 2022, offers review of ...

    News item | 15-04-2022 | 12:24

  7. Therapeutic vaccines now only reviewed by MRECs

    Based on the Central Review of Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Decree ( Besluit Centrale Beoordeling), the assesment ...

    News item | 08-04-2022 | 16:48

  8. New online tool makes CTR scope more transparent

    The new Clinical Trial Decision Tool helps you to determine whether your study with a medicinal product falls within the scope of ...

    News item | 23-12-2021 | 17:12

  9. CCMO kicks off programme on patient participation in clinical trials

    To promote patient participation in clinical trials, CCMO is launching a programme to cooperate actively with other parties. ...

    News item | 23-12-2021 | 17:11

  10. New EMA document for sponsors on CTIS

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a new document on the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS). The document ...

    News item | 10-12-2021 | 09:41