News on public research data: LTR becomes OMON, ToetsingOnline data included and OMON WHO-approved data provider

The development of the Dutch Trial Register (LTR) is an ongoing process. Below, you may find more information on the recent name change, the expansion of research data and the WHO recognition as data provider.

Dutch Trial Register (LTR) becomes Overview of Medical Research in the Netherlands (OMON)

From 5 March 2024 on, the research data on will be known as 'Overview of Medical Research in the Netherlands' (OMON). This means the use of the name Dutch Trial Register (LTR) has thus been dropped.

The name 'Overview of Medical Research in the Netherlands' better reflects the different types of research that may be found in the overview. This change also brings medical research in the Netherlands closer to a wider audience: not only professionals, but also potential research participants. To reinforce this, the layout of the website has been improved as well.

Research from ToetsingOnline included in OMON

From March 2024, studies from the CCMO-register on are also visible in the Overview of Medical Research in the Netherlands (OMON). Following the earlier addition of the studies from the old National Trial Register (NTR), the addition of the studies from is the second step in expanding the public research data on The studies will remain available at ToetsingOnline as well.

The page for professionals on contains information on how to modify study data from NTR and ToetsingOnline. If a study was previously registered in NTR and submitted via ToetsingOnline, the study is currently duplicated in OMON.

OMON official data provider to WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) accepted OMON as an official data provider. This means that studies registered in OMON meet the requirement of prospective registration set by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) for publication in scientific journals. Modifications are automatically included in the (International Clinical Trial Registry Platform (ICTRP).

Recognition applies to all research data in OMON: from the old NTR and from ToetsingOnline. When registering a study in ToetsingOnline, the investigator therefore immediately meets the aforementioned requirement for prospective registration. Studies need not also be registered in another recognised registry, such as

Future developments

Meanwhile, the further development of the Overview of Medical Research in the Netherlands (OMON) is in full swing. Stay tuned to and for up-to-date information on future developments.