From Friday 20 March only digital submission

Due to the Cabinet's restrictive measures and adapted accessibility of the CCMO, the following provisions will apply to all submissions from Friday 20 March 2020 until further notice:

  • Digital signature
    The obligation to provide a cover letter with wet signature for primary submission and substantial amendments to the review committee and/or the competent authority has been suspended. Instead, a digital or scanned signature of the submitter will suffice. This also applies to appeals and objections.
  • Digital submission
    All research files and related submissions must be submitted digitally.
    • Submissions to the CCMO as review  committee must be sent to
    • Submissions to the competent authority must be sent to
    • Submissions that could already be made via ToetsingOnline will continue to be submitted in this way.
  • Submission via Eudralink
    Preferably, we receive submissions via Eudralink.
    • Include the NL number and type of submission (primary submission, substantial amendment, et cetera) in the subject of the email created from Eudralink.
  • Submission by email
    If you do not submit to the CCMO via Eudralink but directly by e-mail, please bear the following in mind:
    • Number of documents
      Indicate in the first e-mail how many documents you are going to submit so that we can easily see if all attachments are present.
    • NL number and type of submission
      Indicate the EN number and type of submission (primary submission, substantial amendment, etc.) in the subject of the e-mail.
    • Size of documents/multiple emails
      If you need to send multiple emails because of the size of the documents, keep the subject of the emails identical and add a sequence number of the email and the total number of emails, e.g. 1 of 3 emails.
  • Submission via other secure systems
    If you have secure systems to share documents with us, we will temporarily accept this as much as possible.
    • Separate email
      Keep the subject of a separate email with, for example, a password, identical to the corresponding email.