Accelerated procedure (fast track) review of coronavirus research files

UPDATE 27 March 2020: Procedure fast-track review by CCMO as review committee.

Given the current developments around the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), CCMO facilitates an accelerated review of research files concerning studies on COVID-19 (fast-track procedure).

If you would like to make use of this fast-track procedure, please contact CCMO via CCMO will then determine whether your research qualifies for the fast-track procedure. The fast-track procedure means that the time at which the review normally starts can be brought forward and the procedure is handled by a subcommittee of CCMO. More information about the fast-track procedure for review of research files within the authorisation of CCMO can be found here.  

For a fast-track review by the competent authority, please send a message to or stating: 'FAST TRACK COVID-19'.