Review by CCMO

In the case of certain types of research the legislator chose to combine expertise in one single committee. This concerns the review of research with specific ethical, legal or social aspects and research in fields with limited expertise.

The review of these types of research has been appointed to the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO) in the Central Review of Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Decree. The reviewing task of the CCMO is limited to a number of specific fields of research:

The CCMO does not charge a fee for reviewing a protocol.

You can submit an objection against a negative decision by the CCMO.

Do you have any complaints with regards to the functioning of the CCMO? The CCMO has a complaints procedure.

The CCMO as reviewing committee prefers digital submission of your files. For this purpose all documents need to be submitted in pdf format on cd-rom, accompanied by a signed cover letter (paper).

It is also allowed to submit your file on paper (unbound, singular). Go to How to submit.