CCMO develops patient-friendly Subject Information Sheet (SIS)

CCMO considers an accessible SIS for both participants and researchers to be of great importance. Therefore, CCMO has started the 'Accessible SIS project’. The Dutch Oncology Research Platform (DORP) will shape the project.

The SIS-template, available on the CCMO website, has been revised several times and provided with an manual. However, CCMO considers it important to develop a clear and unambiguous SIS jointly with the stakeholders (study participants, researchers, sponsors and assessors), taking into account existing initiatives. To this end, CCMO has asked DORP to start a project. Pharos (expertise centre for health inequalities) also contributes to this process with accessible communication.


This project is carried out in close collaboration with various stakeholders. These parties will work to develop a model that meets the following criteria:

  • Accessible language
  • Naming that does justice to all study participants in the context of diversity and inclusivity within clinical research
  • Use of visuals
  • Layered information
  • Step-by-step construction
  • Digital accessibility (visually impaired, etc.)


In order to achieve the ultimate goal of an accessible SIS, DORP will interview stakeholders in the spring of 2023, in order to make an inventory of the wishes and needs from the professional field. DORP will then develop the new model jointly with CCMO in the summer of 2023.

CCMO expects to publish the new model on its website in 2024.