Lodging an administrative appeal with the CCMO

Please note: All documents must be submitted digitally until further notice.

If you do not agree with a decision by an accredited MREC you can, if you are a concerned party, lodge an administrative appeal with the CCMO. This has to be done within six weeks after the day on which the decision was announced. The day of announcement is the day on which the decision was signed and sent.

A number of requirements in the General Administrative Law Act [Algemene wet bestuursrecht] (Awb) also have to be fulfilled.

Your notice of administrative appeal must contain at least the following:

  • your name and address;
  • a description of the decision against which you are lodging the administrative appeal;
  • a date;
  • your signature;
  • the grounds of the administrative appeal (the reasons why you do not agree with the decision by the MREC).

In order to be able to start processing the notice of administrative appeal, the CCMO must receive the complete research file, a copy of the decision by the MREC to which your administrative appeal relates and all relevant correspondence with the MREC.

You should send the signed notice of administrative appeal by post (on paper) to the CCMO. The annexes should also be sent by post to the CCMO (on paper or, preferably, on a CD-ROM).