Participation is voluntary. As a research subject you can always stop at any time you wish. You can do so before and during the research. You do not have to explain why. Sometimes it will not be possible to stop immediately because it is unhealthy or risky.

If you wish to stop, you should discuss this with the researcher. It may be that you need medical supervision while stopping. Stopping suddenly may be unwise, certainly if you are participating in research with medicinal products as a patient.

Withdrawal from the research

In the event of expected or unexpected adverse reactions the researcher or the physician is allowed to withdraw you from the research. He may also (temporarily) stop your involvement in the research.

If you stop during the research, the researcher is allowed to use your results up to that point in time, even if they are perhaps not complete.


Minors or incapacitated adults must be withdrawn from the research if they object. It is not that easy to determine what an 'objection' actually is. That is why rules have been drawn up. These rules are contained in three codes of conduct:

When dealing with these vulnerable people the researcher must be alert to signs of objection and act accordingly. He must comply with the codes of conduct.