Things to bear in mind

Are you going to take part in medical scientific research? If so, you should take the following into account:

  • As a patient you will generally need more frequent check-ups. Sometimes you will have to keep lists or a diary. As a consequence, participating sometimes takes extra effort and time.
  • Are you a healthy volunteer? If so, do not forget that participating takes time, for example half a day. Alternatively you may be required to attend a number of short appointments. Sometimes you will be admitted for a couple of days.

Risks and adverse reactions

Sometimes you will run a risk if you participate in research, for example if a new type of treatment is being researched. Not all affects and adverse reactions will already be known. The researcher will often perform extra tests and take a blood sample. The level of risk depends on the type of research and your state of health. The researcher will explain this to you. Participating in research can be hard going or irritating because:

  • extra physical examinations are sometimes needed;
  • you will sometimes be asked questions about unpleasant experiences;
  • you will sometimes have to stop using medicines you are already taking;
  • special arrangements will sometimes apply, for example for the use of contraception.