Suggestions and complaints

The CCMO strives to provide you with the best possible service. Do you have a suggestion for improving our service? Or do you have a complaint about the way in which CCMO has acted? If so, please let us know. By reporting suggestions and complaints to us, we learn from our mistakes and, where possible, improve our working methods.

I would like to pass on a suggestion

Suggestions to improve our services can be reported via

I want to make a complaint

Are you dissatisfied with the way in which the CCMO has acted towards you or someone else? In that case it is possible to file a complaint. Examples of complaints are: telephone accessibility, the way in which you have been treated, incorrect provision of information, failure to respond (in time) to an email.

Should you disagree with a decision made by CCMO or an accredited MREC, it is not possible to submit a complaint. In that case, depending on the situation, you may lodge an administrative appeal or an objection with CCMO under certain conditions.

CCMO has drawn up a complaints procedure (in Dutch) describing the way a complaint is handled.

You may submit your complaint orally (by telephone) or in writing (by email or post). Would you like to submit your complaint in writing? If so, state as clearly as possible in your email or letter the subject of the complaint. You must also state your name and address and the date of submission of your complaint.

CCMO prefers to receive written complaints by email. You may send your complaint to Would you prefer to send your complaint by letter? In that case you may send your letter to:

CCMO Executive director
P.O. Box 16302
2500 BH The Hague
The Netherlands