MREC Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

Contact details

Ms CL van der Wilt, PhD
Room TK0-270
P.O. box 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+ 31 20 566 7389

Sphere of action

According to the committee's regulations the MREC AMC reviews protocols within the framework of the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act [Wet medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen] (WMO) not only for the AMC but also for:

  • institutions affiliated to the AMC-UvA;
  • departments of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Amsterdam (ACTA);
  • the Municipal Public Health Services (GGD) of the Municipality of Amsterdam;
  • the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience [Nederlands Herseninstituut];
  • Dianet;
  • the St Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation;
  • the Royal Tropical Institute [Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen];
  • the Umbrella Organisation of Chronic Diseases Treatment Centres [Koepel Behandelcentra Chronische Zieken];
  • the BovenIJ Ziekenhuis.


Please note! From 31 January 2022, national rates are set to the assessment of research with a medicinal product (CTR) and clinical research with a medical device (MDR article 62/74.2).

Primary assesment Amendment


regardless the sponsor or financing

€ 4.000

€ 500
Submitted by Review of new IMPD Answer to question about scope WMO
AMC € 2,000 € 0
Local investigator* € 2,000 € 250
Industry € 2,000 € 250
External (other) € 2,000 € 250

* Affiliated to (one of) the institutions stated under 'Sphere of action', except the AMC.

In case the MREC AMC uses external advice for its review, the costs thereof will be charged.

For more inforation about the rates, please contact the secretariat of the MREC AMC.


Name WMO discipline member / deputy Profession
Ammers, mw drs GHM van

assessor specifically from the perspective of the human subject

Bartelink, mw dr IH hospital pharmacist / clinical pharmacologist member hospital pharmacologist
Bet, dr PM

hospital pharmacist / clinical pharmacologist

deputy hospital pharmacist
Boermeester, mw prof dr MA physician member surgeon
Bredenoord, prof dr AJ physician member gasteroentologist
Dijkgraaf, prof dr MGW methodologist deputy methodologist
Groothoff, prof dr JW pediatrician deputy pediatric nephrologist
Harder, dr ir JM den expert medical devices member clinical physicist
Hazenberg, mw dr MD physician member internist-hematologist
Hoven, mw prof dr MA van den ethicist member professor of medical philosophy and ethics
Janssens, dr MJPA ethicist deputy assistant professor of medical ethics
Jong, dr JPh de ethicist deputy ethicist
Jonkers, dr RE clinical pharmacologist deputy pulmonologist / clinical pharmacologist
Kranendonk, mw mr EJ lawyer member lawyer
Maarle, mw dr MC van  physician member clinical geneticist
Mathôt, prof dr RAA

clinical pharmacologist / hospital pharmacist


clinical pharmacologist / hospital pharmacist

Meer, dr JTM van der physician member internist
Moolen, mw A van der assessor specifically from the perspective of the human subject member author, teacher and researcher 
Nederkoorn, dr PJ physician deputy neurologist
Oude Booijink, JMJ MSc medical devices expert deputy project leader medical technology
Paping-Kool, mw mr W lawyer deputy lawyer medical affairs
Riet, dr G ter methodologist deputy epidemiologist
Smout, prof dr AJPM physician deputy gasteroentologist
Snoo-Trimp, mw dr JC de ethicist deputy ethicist / researcher
Stam, prof dr J none member neurologist
Swinkels, prof dr JA none (chairman) member psychiatrist
Tan, dr HL physician member cardiologist
Tijssen, prof dr JGP methodologist member clinical epidemiologist
Visser, mw drs G assessor specifically from the perspective of the human subject member lyricist
Weissenbruch, mw prof dr MM van physician / pediatrician member pediatrician
Zwinderman, prof dr AH methodologist member biostatistician / epidemiologist