Research on cell therapy

The CCMO is the assigned reviewing committee for scientific research aimed at the development of cell therapy, whereby living cells are used.

The explanatory notes of the Central Review Decree (BCB, in Dutch) mentions the following on cell therapy:

'Treatments are often given in the clinic whereby use is made of human body and  stem cells which are administered to the research subject after processing in the laboratory. Many forms of cell therapy are still experimental and are researched within the framework of the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act on the safety and effectiveness. Examples are injecting the heart muscle with autologous stem cells which are extracted from bone marrow, administering the research subject with dendric cells which are ‘loaded’ outside of the body with tumour proteins with the aim of studying the manifestation of a defence reaction against the patient’s  tumour, and the generation of bone tissue whereby the generated material is transplanted into the patient. The indication concerns primarily cell therapeutic research whereby living human cells are used, and not research with dead cells.’ (unofficial translation)