A3. Confirmation of receipt EudraCT number

The EudraCT number is a unique number linked to a research file for registration in the European database for research with medicinal products (EudraCT database). A EudraCT number can be obtained by filling in the request form on the website of the EMA.

The following information must be filled in to obtain a EudraCT number:

  • contact details for the submitting party and his/her organisation (name, address, place of residence)
  • the research protocol number for the party organising the research/sponsor
  • the e-mail address the EudraCT number must be sent to
  • the country where the research is being carried out

The EudraCT number is sent to the e-mail address entered during the application procedure. The assigned EudraCT number must be submitted by e-mail to the reviewing MREC and the competent authority.