Timelines competent authority

The review timeline starts on the day that the competent authority receives the complete submission. The competent authority does not send a confirmation of receipt.

After receipt of the research file the competent authority has 14 days to issue grounds for non-acceptance. This is done by post. In case of no objection, the competent authority issues a ‘No grounds for non-acceptance’ by way of an e-mail. This e-mail is sent to the registered user for the concerned research file in the ToetsingOnline system. A copy is sent to the reviewing committee.

In case of grounds for non-acceptance, the applicant can submit an objection to the competent authority. This must be done within 6 weeks of the day on which the decision was reached. The Penalty and Appeal Act (Wet dwangsom en beroep bij niet tijdig beslissen, in Dutch) applies to an objection to the competent authority.

The competent authority has after receival a term of 35 days for substantial amendments.