Research with gametes and/or (leftover) embryos and the foetus

Research with embryos and gametes whereby embryos are created fall under the Embryo Act (in Dutch) and therefore must undergo a central review by the CCMO. Scientific research with gametes whereby embryos are not created and whereby the gametes are specifically developed for the purpose of the research, fall under the review regime of the WMO. The CCMO has also been assigned with the review of this type of research, in accordance with the Central Review Decree (Besluit Centrale Beoordeling, BCB, in English)

Protocols for scientific research with gametes which are leftover after an IVF or KI treatment do not have to be reviewed under the scope of the WMO or the Embryo Act.

The Embryo Act compels institutions where embryos are created outside of the body to put together a protocol documenting the concerned handeling of gametes and embryos (section 2).

The assessment of research with the foetus also falls within the remit of the Embryos Act. Non-invasive observational research with the foetus can be reviewed by an accredited MREC. Invasive observational research with the foetus, or research where conditions are deliberately altered (intervention study), has to be reviewed by the CCMO.