Committee members

The members and deputy members of the CCMO are appointed by a Ministerial Decree for a term of four years with a maximum of two reappointments.

The committee consists of a maximum of fifteen members plus their deputies. It consists of:

…one or more physicians, and a paediatrician, and people expert in the field of embryology, pharmacology, pharmacy, nursing, behavioural science, jurisprudence, the methodology of scientific research and the ethics thereof, as well as a person who reviews scientific research specifically from the perspective of the research subject.

Furthermore, the committee is extended with a fundamental scientist. The meetings are attended by an observer of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Committee members

Prof dr JMA (Joop) van Gerven

Prof. J.M.A. (Joop) van Gerven

Clinical pharmacologist, chairman


Prof. M. (Michaël) Boele van Hensbroek

Paediatrician (infectiologist/immunologist), vice-chair

Prof dr JJM (Hans) van Delden

Prof. J.J.M. (Hans) van Delden

Ethicist, vice-chair

Prof dr ir JHLM (Hans) van Bokhoven

Prof. J.H.L.M. (Hans) van Bokhoven

Fundamental scientist


Prof. J.J. (Jan) van Busschbach

Deputy behavioural scientist


Prof. J.G. (Anske) van der Bom

Deputy research methodologist

Prof dr ACG (Toine) Egberts

Prof. A.C.G. (Toine) Egberts

Deputy hospital pharmacist


Prof. W.E. (Wim) Fibbe

Physician (haematologist)


Prof. J.B.A.G. (John) Haanen

Deputy physician (internist-oncologist)

Dr WG (Erwin) Ista

W.G. (Erwin) Ista, PhD

Nursing scientist


Prof. dr. C.J. (Cor) Kalkman

Deputy expert medical devices


Prof. J.G.W. (Jos) Kosterink

Deputy clinical pharmacologist

Dr JA (Jolande) Land

J.A. (Jolande) Land, PhD

Expert embryology

Prof dr JJB (Jan) van Lanschot

Prof. J.J.B. (Jan) van Lanschot

Physician (gastro-intestinal surgeon)


M.N.C.M. (Marcel) Mutsaerts, MD

Deputy assessor specifically from the perspective of the human subject

Dr B (Bastiaan) Nuijen

B. (Bastiaan) Nuijen, PhD

Hospital pharmacist


Prof. C.N.L. (Chris) Olivers

Behaviourial scientist

Prof dr S (Sjoerd) Repping

Prof. S. (Sjoerd) Repping

Deputy expert embryology

Prof dr GAPJM (Gerard) Rongen

Prof. G.A.P.J.M. (Gerard) Rongen

Clinical pharmacologist

Prof dr FR (Frits) Rosendaal

Prof. F.R. (Frits) Rosendaal

Research methodologist


Prof. D. (Dick) Tibboel

Deputy paediatrician (paediatrician-intensivist)


Prof. R.M. (Ruud) Verdaasdonk

Expert medical devices

Prof dr H (Hester) Vermeulen

Prof. H. (Hester) Vermeulen

Deputy nursing scientist


H.C.R.M. (Henri) de Wijkerslooth de Weerdesteijn, LLM

Assessor specifically from the perspective of the human subject