CCMO register

The CCMO public register contains the core data from research with human subjects. The register offers a clear overview of the studies reviewed in the Netherlands.

In time it can also offer insight into which studies offer published results and which do not. The CCMO register can be accessed without a user name or password. You can search the CCMO register on key word, study number, field of research or intervention, and type of affliction.

Which data?

Third parties can submit a written request to the CCMO asking to refrain from publishing core data in the public register. The request must contain a reasoned argument as to why the basic information from a study should be excluded from the public register. The request must be accompanied by the research protocol concerned. The CCMO reviews each request on an individual (per study) basis. Requests can be submitted for all types of research. The public core data are included in the General Assessment and Registration Form (Dutch: Algemeen Beoordelings- en Registratieformulier, ABR form) and are marked as such. They are only recorded in the CCMO register after the CCMO has received a positive or negative decision from the reviewing committee (accredited METC). Publication of core data from phase I studies with healthy volunteers in the CCMO register only takes place six months after the decision from the reviewing METC has been registered. A period of maximum seven working days applies for sending on the decision to the CCMO.

WHO accreditation

The CCMO has applied for accreditation of its public register to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Once the WHO has accredited the CCMO register then the international conditions for publication in (bio)medical journals, that is filling in the ABR form and the review thereof by an accredited METC, will have been met. A second registration in a trial register is then no longer necessary. There is still some way to go before this is achieved. Registration in a WHO accredited trial register, such as the Nederlands Trial Register (NTR), is therefore still required.